ACF – June 19, 2019



Heavy day for the week with some 3 Position Snatches. The 3 position work is great for all skill levels and although the loading will be limited you can still work up with heavy weights. Make sure your position is in check especially with getting the bar in the hip pocket as well as your receiving position. These things should dictate the loading.

Snatch Balance:

Should be good and warm by this point in the session so feel free to build up relatively quickly. If you aren’t comfortable reracking the weight on your shoulders make sure to drop the bar in front and clean it back up to the rack.

Optional Accessory:

Cal Bike
Notes: Rest the same amount that your work takes you or alternate back and forth with a partner.

Nothing like some bike sprints to finish things off if you like. Take note of the work/rest ratio here and do your best to make these a sprint. Being consistent is key but’s it’s ok if you blow up on one of these today 🙂

ACF – June 14, 2019



Such a great, classic “Hero” workout. Small rep schemes which should lead to quick transitions and steady movement. It’s a great way to work on some higher skill gymnastics work as well as build some volume there. Focus on kipping that dip in the muscle up so that you can save your pressing for the HSPU. Be mindful of your neck and keep good control on the HSPU.

Optional Accessory:

4 Rounds
15 GHD Sit Up to Parallel
100 meter Sled Drag (135/95)
Notes: Rest as needed between rounds

If the GHD sit up is new to you or you haven’t don’t this volume please sub out an abmat sit up. If you want to do 2 of the rounds with a GHD sit up to parallel that could be a good option to start building capacity here but please be smart as they can lay a whopping if you’re not careful. If you don’t have a sled to drag try swapping out a banded glute march.

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