ACF – December 9, 2019

Heavy day!! 3 Position snatch is coming from the high hang, hang, then the floor. As you are working focus on speed under the bar, lockout, and consistency with the foot position. We will be working from a true high hang position today so this should guide the loading. It is important that you are first and foremost safe and moving well. Take one lift every 2-3min and be sure to get nice and warm for this one. We will finish this off with some conditioning for those who want to get a good sweat in on a Monday!

–OTM x 8 min (15/13 Cal Row)
–Immediately Into OTM x 8 min (15/13 Cal Bike)

ACF – December 4, 2019

AMRAP or Rounds:
Little twist today with the length of the workout to control the volume and create a bit of a push. If you get 5 rounds before the 10min mark you can stop and log your time. Focus on doing your best to keep the KB’s in a proper front rack position and staying away from any upper back rounding. Staying honest and true to the movement is key. The single-arm work will also require a solid front rack position with the KB. Make sure you are tucking your knees for the burpee over the KB.

Plyometric Work:
-Plyo Skier (high box) 3 x :20 sec
-Single-Leg Deadlift Hop 3 x 10/side
-Press Jack 3 x :20 sec

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