ACF – October 17, 2019


Go for it on this one. Think of keeping a strong 2k pace but don’t delay on those burpees. Just enough with the transition and rep over the rower to disrupt things a bit but keep the pace going when you get back on the rower and try to get that fan moving quick!

Optional Accessory:

  • Single Leg Box Step Up 2 x 10/side
  • Accumulate 75-100 of each (Band Pull Apart, Banded Face Pull)

Some single leg work with the box step up. Choose a height that allows you to have your hip crease below your knee but it doesn’t need to be excessive. Add weight and hold it wherever you would like to challenge the movement.

Band shoulder work is to accumulate reps so you can break them up however you want but try to keep them in bigger sets.

ACF – October 16, 2019


Heavy Day! Front squat is on the higher rep side so there may be some experimenting with weight. Build up in sets of 3 to find a weight you think you can hit for the first set of 7. From there you can adjust the loading as needed or fight to keep the same weight you have on the barbell. Goal is all 3 sets of 7 being successful. Rest 3-4 min between each effort.

Famers carry can be with any object. Just make it heavy and something that you may have to break with one time in some of the work sets.

Optional Accessory:

  • Bike for Calories
  • 100/50
  • Notes: Rest the same amount as your work between the set of 100 and 50

Some simple bike sprints. Try to choose a pace with these that lets you build since they are on the higher side. Rest the same amount the work took you or if you are doing this with a partner feel free to do an “I go, you go” format. If you don’t have a bike sub out a row for the same amount of calories.

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