Familiar look around here, especially with sprints!


Our friends down in the big city are in the running for the best gym in the area. These folks are legit. Great coaches, great owners and great athletes, they deserve to be at the top! If you have time, take my word for it and vote for them. Maybe they’ll invite us down for a WOD or two… American River CrossFit’s post from yesterday will send you where you need to go. CLICK HERE


spend 25 minutes working on your snatch


5 min AMRAP

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  1. Amy 2012-08-17 at 13:09 #

    John and I are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Cross Fit Ranch Party!! Can’t wait to meet some of the morning and noon people we afternooners may not know. Don’t forget to sign up! Any questions, email me at amyenslow@L13R.com

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