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  1. Dan 2012-11-07 at 05:30 #

    Definitely like the first (blue image),… the simpler the better. Though a barbell overhead, or two kettle-bells (or whatever) may look better. Of course, if I had my druthers we’d have an Alien rockin’ some muscle-ups

    • Molly 2012-11-07 at 18:54 #

      I can see your alien concept . . . with the tag line, “auburn crossfit is out of this world!”

  2. Steve Leighty 2012-11-07 at 07:42 #

    I like the first logo much better; it’s a lot cleaner

  3. kyle 2012-11-07 at 08:22 #

    I like the first one Dan you and big H keep talking aliens it sounds weird butt fits!!!!

  4. Luz 2012-11-07 at 09:15 #

    Hi ARC peeps.. If my input counts I will pick the first one. I agree with Dan, a bareball or kbs. I MISS you all. I need to drop in somtime soon. Elijah, let me know when the shirts are ready, I want one.

  5. FireSteve 2012-11-07 at 10:19 #

    The first one. What if you have him holding ACF above his head instead of foresthill bridge? Just a thought.

  6. Amber Harman 2012-11-07 at 11:19 #

    Hmm Forrest Hill bridge? I think we should use a real Auburn Landmark…. http://bit.ly/Su6X6u

    • Rosie 2012-11-07 at 11:32 #

      Ha! Amber I love your landmark suggestion!

  7. Rosie 2012-11-07 at 11:31 #

    All good comments. Things to keep in mind: barbells and KB’s are used in 100’s of other CF gym logos so we want something different, and we want to tie in a local landmark, and it’s No Hands Bridge (not Forrest Hill Bridge).

  8. Denise 2012-11-07 at 12:26 #

    Hey Luz we miss you too! I like the first logo with fire Steve’s suggestion or write ACF on top of bridge!

  9. Amy 2012-11-07 at 12:31 #

    Have to say I didn’t get that it was supposed to be a bridge until reading the comments. Like the second bridge better (now that I get it!). I like having detail in the man, but don’t like the head gear and beard – it’s a little too much. Maybe instead of having both “Auburn Cross Fit” and “ACF”, the man could be standing on the river – which would make the bridge imagery more clear.

  10. FireSteve 2012-11-07 at 13:36 #

    These comments are just going to make it harder for Elijah to decide.

    Deadlifts are always a challenging, but ever improving lift for me. I didn’t push it too hard today and got 305#.

  11. Kelsey 2012-11-07 at 14:23 #

    I like Amber’s landmark logo! But if I have to chose I vote the first one with an ACF in there, I wasn’t quite sure it was a bridge either until I read the comments.

  12. Molly 2012-11-07 at 18:37 #

    I want to be amber’s landmark idea! give me a loin cloth and spear! haha.

    203 on the dead lift for me. quite a glut burner.

    as for the bridge, ya’ll need to get down to the river more often! it’s iconic. but I do wonder, what would make the bridge more recognizable?

    • Amber Harman 2012-11-07 at 21:21 #

      haha! Maybe if we use the naked statue landmark it will make people feel the same and come to ACF 🙂 The shirts could have the statue picture and underneath it could say: “She went to ACF”

  13. kyle 2012-11-07 at 19:38 #

    Luz we miss you too get your ass back in the box be there friday night at 6:00 pm big wod and party after. p.s Luz i miss the battle you are fierce.!!!!!!

  14. Dan 2012-11-07 at 20:21 #

    Ahh, yes, the naked statues, good call Amber….can’t avert my eyes on the drive-by. Luz, yeah!! This Friday at 6pm, or any Friday evening. Eitherway, glad to hear from ya, hope you’re well!

  15. Allie 2012-11-07 at 20:28 #

    Love the bridge idea with an “Auburn Crossfit” in there somewhere. Definitely will pass on the second one, looks like an Egyptian Santa clause! Looking forward to the partner WOD this Friday!

  16. Jenny 2012-11-08 at 09:53 #

    Just my opinion.
    I love the idea of the bridge, maybe you can just put a little more detail in the bridge so people can more clearly make out that its a bridge. I like the bearded man, maybe just minus all the muscles. I agree with you Rosie that bringing in a historic image to make it unique is a must.
    Amber your pic idea is hilarious!!!

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