Safe Starches: Are they Essential to an Ancestral Diet? — 2nd annual Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 (AHS12). from Ancestral Health Society on Vimeo.

Don’t forget we are only doing one group/team WOD on Friday evening at 6. After, we will enjoy some good food and good peeps! Morning classes will still be at the same time.




150 wall ball shots for time


39 new paleo, low carb & health blogs for november-2012

How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg. -Abraham Lincoln


10 Responses to “11/8/12”

  1. kyle 2012-11-08 at 09:52 #

    Do not let the weather stop you on friday it will be fun!!!!

  2. heather 2012-11-08 at 13:08 #

    150 wallballs…sounds like fun!! Lanette–you out there? hope your arm feels better…
    E-dog: counting on you to do this wod with us

  3. FireSteve 2012-11-08 at 13:58 #

    Oh yeah it was fun Heather. The girls killed it this am then the noon crew held our own. Good job y’all. Finished in 8:21 with burning in the legs and lungs.

  4. T 2012-11-08 at 15:25 #

    Thought I loved wall balls..not so sure after today. Finished 7:49 I think, had to do about 170 with all the no reps. Thanks for today Elijah, my mind was callling you all kinds of nasty names but my heart thanks you!

  5. FireSteve 2012-11-08 at 15:48 #

    Keith a call out to come get a workout in and help push me at the noon class tomorrow. Trying to increase my standings in the OC qualifiers. School Steve and Elijah are going to help too. The more the merrier.

  6. Molly 2012-11-08 at 18:32 #

    coach, I’m loving all the links, but they’re putting a serious cramp on my quiet morning reading time. my books are collecting dust! I dare not start clicking through those 39 blogs.

    T, you rock the wall ball, rep or no-rep. Steve, way to beat me! I think my time was 8:56. stoked to make it sub 9.

    Kyle, I’m defrosting your kill. hope you like meatloaf :). team auburn, get ready for some good, old fashioned comfort food!

    • FireSteve 2012-11-08 at 20:30 #

      I got hooked on the blogs for about 45 min. There is some good stuff there.

  7. Denise 2012-11-08 at 20:14 #

    Got to love those wallballs! Looking forward to having a good workout , good food and drink with some great people tommorow!

  8. Brenda 2012-11-08 at 20:24 #

    Finally felt like I almost got a true wall ball, focused on form and not speed. 14:12

  9. Sara 2012-11-08 at 22:04 #

    Love the video. I’m 24 minutes in and I’m enthralled!!! Solid nutritional science being duked out by intellegent speakers. I love how the thyroid hormone argument perfectly illustrates that the same findings can lead to different interpretations or conclusions about what they actually mean. Biology and physiology are amazing. Sometimes I’m simply amazed that all my cells stick together and continue to function each day….. amen.

    p.s. my legs are a little sore.

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