Heavy day with Front Squats!!! You have 20 min to build up to a heavy set of 4 today but we still want you accumulating a total of 5 good work sets somewhere along the way. This included any deload sets if necessary.

Some volume work to follow with a max set at 65% of your best set of 4 for the day. This is a 1 min effort so stick with that barbell. If you can’t squat anymore try to hold onto the bar in the front rack until the full min is up.

Optional Accessory:

5 Rounder:

5 Rounds for Quality
5 T2B w/ Medball in Feet
10 Single Leg Box Step Up (alternating legs)
10 Standing Teapot/side

Some midline work for quality today but if you would like to put a bit of a time element to it you can. These movements are inherently slower though which isn’t a bad thing. If you can’t do a weighted T2B just do them strict or regular. Box step up should have your leg set so your hip crease is below your knee when stepping onto the box. Standing teapots are 20 total. I would suggest doing all 10 on one side then switching to the other.

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