Smaller reps and heavier load on this one which will be challenging but should keep you moving. See if you can keep the T2B unbroken and when you get to the barbell complex be smart on how to break things up so you can minimize rest and having to pick up the bar more than necessary. Loading should allow for you to do the hang power cleans unbroken on nearly all the sets if not all of them. Focus on consistency in the pull here any apply it to the squat clean as well. Back off on the loading if needed in order to have quality mechanics and get in the goal rounds.

Optional Accessory:

Accumulate 50 Strict HSPU in as few sets and little time as possible

A bit of strategy here but we still want you focusing on minimizing the sets you do. Fluctuate down or up in reps as needed so you can keep larger sets for you and minimize rest between. If you are developing strength with the HSPU work lower the reps and do the same structure of the workout.

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