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ACF – November 1, 2018

Workout of the Day

As Far As Possible in 12 min

Double KB or DB Front Rack Carry (53’s/35’s)

Notes: every 100 meters do 7 Double KB Swing to your waist

Strict T2B

3 x 10

Workout Notes:

Such a great piece of the Grunt Work side of training. Carry is in the front rack and swings are Russian. This is a true test of grip, posterior chain, and mental toughness. Stick with it and see how far you can get. I would suggest resting just enough to make sure you can walk the entire distance without putting the weight down more than one time. Use lighter weight if needed in order to make this happen.

Strict T2B:

Even if you don’t have this movement strict there is great value to working toward them at lower ranges of motion. Trying to get your legs into an “L” position or just a touch higher. This, coupled with working to press down on the bar hard is a great way to help build strength for the full movement.

ACF – October 31, 2018

Workout of the Day

For Time:

10 Rope Climb

15 Ring Muscle Up

50 CTB Pull Up

50 Push Up

15 Push Jerk (185/135)

10 Strict HSPU

Goal: 20 min

Workout Notes:


Lots of upper body work here and some intentional movement interference. This means being smart from the start is going to be key with breaking things up early on and avoiding any total muscular failure. Make sure to use those legs efficiently on the rope climbs. If you have muscle ups, do them, but scale the reps down if needed. Otherwise a banded or jumping option is great. Push Ups may be harder than you plan on them being so small sets and short breaks are key here so you can get on that barbell.

ACF – October 30, 2018

Workout of the Day

Back to Back AMRAP’s

AMRAP 8 min

Run 1 mile

w/ remaining time do max rep deadlift (315/225)

Run 1 mile

w/ remaining time do max rep front squat (95/65)

Run 1 mile

w/ remaing time do max rep bar facing burpee

Workout Notes:


For each one of these we are looking to really push the pace on the run. You should be having at least 1 min to work on each one of the movements for each AMRAP. If you don’t think you can meet that requirement take the distance down to 1200 meters or even 800 meters for each run depending on what your running is like. The difficult piece is going to be keeping that pace since these are back to back. Think of it as a 3 mile run pace that is roughly 90%. The work on the barbell and the burpees should be strong and steady but I’m not stressed on necessarily how many reps you are getting here. Just dig in and get to work. This is a great work to learn pacing so take advantage of it.

ACF – October 29, 2018

Workout of the Day

Split Jerk


Single Arm DB Push Press

3 x 8/arm

Workout Notes:

Heavy Day!!

Split Jerks with some single arm work to follow. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between each work set and make sure to get good and warm drilling quality foot and receiving positions while warming up. Adjust the loading across all sets as needed and if you just aren’t feeling it today work to keep the weight the same across all sets while still somewhat heavy.

Single Arm DB Push Press:

You may find one side is “easier” than the other. Don’t stress, this is normal and something that you can get used to with some practice. It will take a bit of experimenting to see what weight is challenging but appropriate so adjust as needed.

ACF – October 26, 2018

Workout of the Day

3 Rounds

20 CTB Pull Up

15 Burpee

10 Clean and Jerk (185/135)

Goal: Sub 17 min

Workout Notes:

3 Rounder:

Straight up fitness on this one. Consider breaking up the CTB so you can save some of the pull and keep the heart rate down for the clean and jerk. Burpees should be steady but strong pace and the clean and jerk should be heavy but nothing unbearable. I would still suggest quick singles to avoid fatigue on the negative phase of the movement. If you need to modify to meet a goal time domain try 15 CTB pull ups and lower the weight not the barbell if needed.

ACF – October 25, 2018

Workout of the Day

Hang Squat Clean


DB Floor Press

3 x 12

Workout Notes:

Heavy day for the week!

Hang Squat Clean should be done without dropping the bar if possible. See if you can hang on to that hook grip in order to avoid dropping the bar or losing your grip when returning the weight back to the hip. Rest no more than 3 min between each set to keep you moving since there are 7 total sets. Adjust weight and fluctuate as needed.

DB Floor Press:

These may take some experimenting with weight but adjust as necessary. Sets should be near, but not too failure. Work on controlling the weight through the rep and full range of motion and avoid resting with the weight and triceps on the floor.

ACF – October 24, 2018

Workout of the Day

EMOM 14 min

Odd: 5 Deadlift (315/205)

Even: 15/12 Cal Bike

Goal: Completion

Workout Notes:


Some heavy pulls from the deck today mixed with a bike. If you need to sub a bike for a row that’s fine. Keep the calories the same. Loading on the DL should be heavy but something you think you can continue to get sets of 5 with. If you can’t do that through all rounds of the EMOM and keep position, back off on the weight.

ACF – October 23, 2018

Workout of the Day

For Time

1000 meter Row

100 Thruster (75/55)

Goal: Sub 15 min

Banded Plank

3 x :45 sec

Workout Notes


Push the pace on the row but make sure it is calculated so you can get on the barbell and do some bigger sets of thrusters to open things up. Once you’re in the thick of them try a slight pause at the top of each rep to keep the breathing under control. Take the reps down by 25 if needed in order to meet the goal time domain but try to keep the loading on the bar if possible.

ACF – October 22, 2018

Workout of the Day

“Filthy 50”

50 Box jump (24)

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings (35)

50 Walking Lunge,

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press (45)

50 Back extensions

50 Wall ball shots (20/14)

50 Burpees

50 Double unders

Goal: Sub 30

Workout Notes:

Filthy 50:

Been a while!!! See how you compare to any previous times you have on this or establish a baseline time if you haven’t done it before. Be smart with breaking things up but push the pace on this one and see what you’ve got! If you need to keep it reasonable with the time frame you can modify it to 40 or 30 reps of each. And you read it right, if you have done this in under 20 min toss on a 20/14 lb vest and challenge yourself with a new way of doing this benchmark.

ACF – October 19, 2018

Workout of the Day

For Time

50 Cal Bike Cash In

then…3 Rounds

3 Power Clean (225/155)

21 CTB Pull Up

63 Doulbe Unders


50 Cal Bike Cash Out

Goal: Sub 15 min

Workout Notes:

3 Rounder:

A little buy in and cash out on this one that is going to make you have to be smart to start this and dig deep to finish. If you don’t have a bike feel free to sub out the same calories in a row or an 800 meter run if needed.

The 3 rounds between has a fair amount of pulling and for most of us will find something we may not be happy with… barbell or gymnastics. Aside from the

strength track the cleans should be something you could do touch and go reps with if you were fresh but for this workout may not be a good idea. Be smart with those pull ups and break them up early if needed to save your grip and avoid total failure on any reps. Keep the shoulders and breathing relaxed on the double unders. If you need to modify to meet the goal time domain try a bit lighter weight on the bar but try not to do any less than 15 on the pull ups if possible.

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