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February 1, 2019

WOD Notes:


Some higher volume work on the gymnastics movements here so it’s going to be smart to break these up. For many of us that means early on so we don’t run into any muscular failure. Quite a bit of shoulders in this workout as well and you will want to save them. Barbell work is all reasonable in regards to loading but tough with the combinations of movements. The weight should be something you can definitely touch and go reps with but depending on how you feel quick singles may be the way to go, especially once you get to that cluster (squat clean into a thruster). Modify by lowering the reps by roughly 5 reps on the gymnastics and barbell if needed in order to meet the goal time domain.

ACF – January 31, 2019

Workout of the Day

Workout Notes:


Only 5 sets here so see if you can keep all of your work sets within roughly 15% of one another. Adjust loading accordingly and see if you can have no failed lifts today. Make sure to get good and warm with some lighter weight work and build up sets before getting into the work sets.

Snatch Balace:

Working up to a heavy set of 3 within 5 sets. Be careful and smart with re racking the barbell to your shoulders. If this is something you are not comfortable with you can change this to singles and just drop the barbell from overhead after a successful lift. These are a great opportunity for you to work on building confidence in the receiving position in the snatch so work on getting into a full squat for the receiving position.

ACF – January 30, 2019

Workout Notes:

5  Rounder:

It’s definitely a challenging one with some movement interference. The back squat can come from the rack but if you are confident with taking it from the floor you can also do this. I would only suggest that if you are familiar with racking the bar to your back, otherwise go out of the rack. Weight should be something you can confidently get 7 reps with but should get challenging with the kettlebell work. KB’s should be moderate weight and see if you can do no more than 2 sets on any round to finish the set of 11. This one is a burner so pace a bit from the beginning and be confident with that fitness. Adjust the loading on both movements if needed in order to meet the goal time domain but work to keep the reps the same.

Time Goal: 12 mins

ACF – January 29, 2019

Workout of the Day:

EMOM 30 mins

odd: 20/17 cal bike or row

even: Rest

Wod Notes:

Bike or Row Intervals:
Intervals on deck for today. Push the pace on each effort since you will have a 1 min rest between each effort. Some o you will be able to get this done super quick and others taking nearly the full min. If you fall off for any reason try taking 2 cals off of each interval and pick up where you left off. Same strategy regardless of if you are on a bike or rower.

ACF – January 25, 2019

Workout of the Day

For Time:

50 Hang Power Clean (155/135)

10 Cal Row Each time you Break

Goal: Break no more than 8 times

Workout Notes:


For many of us there is going to be a fair amount of strategy to this workout. Often finding some kind of descending rep scheme can really help on these workouts. 10-8-6 will get you to 24 reps. Do that twice and you almost have the workout done, gut out another few reps on a round you feel good with and you get your 50. Push the pace on the row but make sure you can get on the barbell relatively quickly. Adjust the loading to modify the workout in order to meet the intended stimulus but work to keep the reps the same.

ACF – January 24, 2019

Workout of the Day

For Time


Cal Assault Bike

Cal Row

Goal: Sub 17 min

Handstand or Handstand Walk Practice

10 min

Workout Notes:

Even though you are swapping out between the bike and row there is still and element of sustained effort that is going to be happening here. You should find a strong pace that you can hold onto, especially since the reps are descending. Because of this you may even see your pacing increase and in most cases should. If you don’t have a bike you can sub out a shuttle run that takes you the same amount of time as the row. 10-20 meters should work fine for this.

ACF – January 23, 2019

Workout of the Day


4 Rounds

90 Double Under

28 Wall Ball (20/14)

12 Bar Muscle Up

11 Power Clean (155/105)

Goal: Sub 25 min

Workout Notes:


All movements that Nicolas enjoyed and the combo of them makes for a real challenge. I would suggest breaking things up a bit at the start if needed in order to keep things moving. This may mean the wall ball into 2 sets for some or more likely for many of us it would be the bar muscle up into 2 or 3 sets. If you need a scaling option for this try using a band or jumping variation and lower the reps if needed. Weight on the cleans is something you should be able to cycle if you want but with the pull/pull combo on in each round singles may be a better option for some of us. Adjust loading as needed in order to maintain this stimulus.

ACF – January 22, 2018

Workout of the Day:

Front Squat


Glute Bridge

2 x 15-20


Strict T2B

3 x 8-12

Workout Notes:

Heavy front squats! A largely varied rep scheme for today but I find these super helpful for dialing in position on the higher volume sets that we can apply to the singles. Try choosing a weight that you think you will be able to keep for all of the sets of “1” and stick with it. Maybe even a slight increase but it should be tough to hold onto. On the larger sets you should see weight vary more and increase as you go up. The goal is to have challenging sets but ideally no failed reps. Adjust loading accordingly and rest no more than 4 min between each set.

Glute Bridge:

2 sets of 15-20 here so you can adjust the loading as necessary. They should be done unbroken and if you find it easier to wrap the bar with some kind of pad go right ahead. Loading these up can get pretty uncomfortable otherwise.

ACF – January 21, 2019

Workout of the Day:

Workout Notes:

Great hero workout to work on raw conditioning with. Goal is really just to get this one done but it’s also a great mental test. Staying focused on the movement or couplet you are on is the key here. Take note of those 1 min rests and try to move around a bit in between. The get ups are slow so don’t stress on this. Keep the movement dialed in and don’t do anything funky to try to increase your speed. Compare to your past score or use today to set a new benchmark.

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ACF – January 18, 2019

Workout of the Day

3 Rounds

20/17 Cal Bike

20 Thruster (95/65)

Goal: Sub 13 min

Rest 5 min

3 Rounds

20/17 Cal Bike

20 Clean and Jerk (95/65)

Goal: Sub 13 min

Workout Notes:

3 Rounders:

All about the fitness and conditioning here. Bike should be a strong pace but one you can get on the bar nearly right away with. Don’t be afraid to go for it a bit on the thrusters and try to knock out some bigger sets. Loading should be something that you can cycle efficiently and get to the 20 reps in no more than 2 sets on any round. You get a fair amount of rest before the next piece and that loading is light for the clean and jerk so make sure you are working for the same thing. Efficient cycling of the barbell and quick reps. Lots of touch and go with this light of a weight. If you need to lower the weight at all for this one to keep that stimulus please do. If you don’t have a bike you can always sub out the same amount of calories on the rower or even put in roughly a 400 meter run (this one may take a bit longer so I would prefer the row as a sub).

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