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ACF – March 28, 2019


Assessment 6:

This is all about mobility and you are going to have to hold yourself accountable on this one. The goal is all the points of performance that are required for a quality overhead squat. If you need to video yourself for this or have an honest friend tell you how you are doing I would suggest it. The position is active and should not be passive with you completely bottomed out in the squat. Take note of when to stop in the notes if you make it there!

Assessment 7:

Very much like the MU the other day there are other options for us to check that pressing power.

Use whichever variation makes the most sense for you and don’t use your neck as a shock absorber to get a few more reps. We want you moving safely and efficiently on these.

“Helen” variation:

This one is a great way to get in a challenging conditioning piece but not beat yourself up. If you don’t think you can finish the interval in time try shortening the run or lowering the weight on the swing but see if you can keep the reps the same. Hustle on that run and trust in your fitness and recovery.

ACF – March 27, 2019


Assessment 4:

Finding your 1 RM snatch for the day. If you have just recently done this don’t be stressing about the result today. You have a few options here. Go for it again and just find a heavy for the day and let it be what it is. Be smart and focus on quality of movement. This should be a clean lift.

Assessment 5:

Ahhh the stamina test. Both a physical and mental challenge. This is a set of unbroken, consecutive wall ball. This means that you can not rest holding the medball without doing the movement. There have been some variations out there that imply if you don’t put the ball down it’s unbroken but we are looking for consistent movement here. Get that heart rate up before jumping in on this one and dig in. If you miss a few reps don’t stress, try to dial things back in and get the height on the ball necessary to keep your reps counting.

ACF – March 26, 2019


Optional AMRAP:

This is an optional piece for today. If you don’t have a bike you can sub out a row but this should be a strong pace also allowing you to get back on the barbell quickly to get the clean and jerks done. Some of you may be able to touch and go this weight and others will be looking to do quick singles. Do whatever makes sense to you to try to meet the goal rounds. Modify to a lower weight and fewer calories (17/15) if needed.

ACF – March 25, 2019


Congrats to everyone that has finished up the Open! Well done to all of you. This week we are going to be heading back to the drawing board and taking an assessment as a community. It will also act as a deload week with some lower volume. This will do a few things for us.

-Provide a realistic idea of where our current fitness level is

-Help us to set any goals moving forward with reasonable expectations and timelines

-Allow for the opportunity to set up a game plan to continue working GPP while focusing on some additional areas if desired

Assessment 1:

Working to find our 1 RM Back squat today so make sure to get good and warm with the hips and low back. Take the time to get in some good build up sets with lighter loads and pay attention to how you want to make jumps as you are increasing weight on the bar to make the most of that 1 RM attempt.

Flow Workout:

Toss on a weight vest for this one if you like. It’s simply about moving and not as much about intensity. If you don’t have a sled you can sub out a banded glute march for roughly 2 min or do a 400 meter run with a medball or plate if you like. Keep the gymnastics movement legit with quality reps and if you need to ditch the vest to work on DU technique feel free.

ACF – March 21, 2019


Optional EMOM:

Long workout with a midline vibe to it. The goal is to get more work in here but not beat you up. The get ups are slow and may take up most of the min which is normal. If needed try keeping the same weight but going down to 3 reps/arm to stay within the min. Weight on the KB Front Rack caret isn’t  bonkers heavy so all 50’ lengths should be able to be completed unbroken. The KB bear crawl is done with the KB between your legs/arms. Pull it through and ahead of you as you do the bear crawl down the room, alternating arms as you go.

ACF – March 20, 2019


Snatch Complex:

For many of us the hang power snatch will be the limiting factor here. For others it may be the power snatch. Either way we want you working on consistency with the pull off the floor and getting the barbell into your hips on the second pull. Work to create consistency on each one of the variations in the complex today. Focus on foot position and elbows locking out on your receiving position for all reps and have this be the guide on what weight you use. Adjust weight as needed across all sets. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between each set.

ACF – March 19, 2019

goal: 4+ rounds per AMRAP

1 minute rest between AMRAPS


3 min AMRAP’s:

Each one of these couplets has a goal of 4 rounds or more in a 3 min window. Going to have to keep a strong pace and the loading on the barbell should be something that allows you to do the set unbroken for at least the first 2-3 rounds. Adjust as needed in order to do so. On the second AMRAP if you need to break the T2B up early on to keep moving do so. This could save your grip a bit and avoid fatigue for the later rounds. Each AMRAP has a 1 min rest between rounds so trust in your fitness and recovery. Work to keep the reps the same but modify the loading on the barbell if needed in order to meet the goal rounds for each one of the couplets. Hang on for that last AMRAP and fight to get that 4 rounds or close to it.


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