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ACF – April 24, 2019

Goal: Sled shoulde be able to continuously move but just get it done.//
Notes: Wear a vest or pack (20/14)// ##Sled shoulde be able to continuously move but just get it done.

Fast turn around on this one! Barbell is something you should be able to do all of these movements unbroken with but if you just want to take a crack at this and see how you do with the listed loading you are welcome to. The crux of this workout is going to be both pacing as well as the ability to go from the overhead into the front squat. If you can do this and pace out the other movements you could save a good bit of time but it should also bite you in the long run. Regardless, start off with a smooth pace and try to hang onto it as this will jack up your heart rate quickly.

Optional Grunt Work:

Only 2 rounds here and some relatively short distances so adding the vest should work well. If you don’t have a sled try a banded glute march for 1 min as a sub. Farmers carry will take the most time on this one. Be smart with how you break things up and try to keep some longer distances with calculated breaks while going through the workout.

ACF – April 23, 2019


11 min cap for everyone here. This is going to have some element of pacing and a bit of a game plan to it. You need to push the pace on the row but also be smart so you have some good energy for the HSPU. When it comes to the HSPU work you want to get in the reps but never go to failure. Even if you go to sets of 5, 3, or even singles you should be able to keep moving with some short breaks between sets. If you don’t yet have HSPU try one of the scaling options.

ACF – April 22, 2019


Front Squat:

Take note of how these reps are performed since they are 1 1/4 reps. Work on keeping position at the bottom of the squat and driving out of the hole with a good front rack position. Adjust loading as needed between each set and rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between each one.

Stiff Leg DL:

Build up with some sets of 3 to work up to your working weight for this. The set of 15 should be near failure but not to failure. Should have a few reps left in the tank if needed..

Close Grip Bench:

Try to keep those hands inside the knurling on the barbell for a true close grip bench. Same rules apply here… each set should be near failure but not to it. Adjust loading as needed on each set to accomplish this but work to keep the weight similar in loading across all sets. Rest no more than 3 min between each set.

Strict Pull Up:

If you cant’ get more than 10 reps here do as many as you can without a band, then add a band to get over 10 reps but not exceed 15 total reps. If you can get 20 reps or more without any assistance try adding some light weight to keep you from doing excess of 20 reps on each set.

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ACF – April 19, 2019



A bit of a mash today with some barbell work and a round of “Nate”. The barbell work isn’t something that should feel very heavy and can allow for you to practice cycling the weight. If you need to break this up to keep your heart rate down that’s fine as well. Keep the loading reasonable so you can easily do touch and go if you want to though. For the round of “Nate” this is going to be a pace you have to push a bit here. If you don’t have muscle ups go with a CTB pull up or a jumping option today so you can avoid killing time getting in and out of bands. Same goes for the HSPU. Even a strict press here is a good sub so you don’t have to worry about burning time in transitions. You may take up most of the min here but with the barbell you should have at lest :30 sec to rest before the start of the next min.


ACF – April 17, 2019


2 Rounder:

Mix of movements but something that we should be able to continually work through. For many of us it’s going to come down to the loading on the deadlift and the reps on the burpee that could cause us to slow down. DL weight should be something that allows you to get to the set of 20 within no more than 3 sets and short breaks. Keep moving on those burpees and try to set micro goals. Simple things like hands down, feet back jump up, etc just to keep moving.


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