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ACF – August 15, 2019


Optional Workout:
Heavy day!! Push Press with some single arm work to follow. Rest 2-3 min between each set on the push press and each set should be challenging. Don’t save yourself to try to set a new 1 RM but work for heavy weight across all sets.

Single Arm Press should have you using a weight that takes you near failure but not to it. Adjust loading between each set as needed.

ACF – August 14, 2019


4 Rounder:
The lunge is going to be a bit of a grind if you keep those KB’s in a true front rack. You should be able to do it unbroken for the first set and work to not rest the weight on the tops of your shoulders.
The DU and Rowing will require you to still push the pace with the interval set up so don’t be afraid to go for it a bit. Modify the weight as needed to reach the goal time and work to keep the rest of the movements the same.

ACF – August 13, 2019


Little pyramid scheme here that should keep you moving through the workout with a strong and consistent pace. The DL is on the heavier side but something you should be able to do in no more than 2 sets. Similar with the HSPU, if these are challenging for you choose a rep scheme that don’ts take you more than 3 sets to complete the work. Strong and steady on the other movements and the DB Snatch is something that you should be able to alternate and cycle efficiently.

Optional Accessory: not for time

  • 2 Rounds
  • 10 Strict T2B
  • 100′  Bearhug Carry (100/70)
  • Goal: Rest no more than 2 min beteween rounds

The T2B sets are a good opportunity to work on cycling the reps and seeing if you can keep some time under tension here. Ideally you’re able to finish all sets without breaking more than 3 times. If you need a sub for the sandbag carry try a double KB front rack carry.

ACF – August 12, 2019


Possible EMOM:
Breaking things with the wall ball may be a smart play from the start. This can keep your heart rate down a bit as you head into the CTB Pull Ups. Same goes for the pull ups… break them up early to avoid too much muscular fatigue. This may mean that you take up most of the min on each movement but see if you can hang onto the sustained pace. If you fall off on the reps try taking them back by 2/min.

ACF – August 9, 2019


Benchmark Friday! Hitting up a classic one with “Karen”. If you have done this before take a different approach into how you break things up. Maybe you go bigger sets and see if you can hold onto them longer. Another approach would be sticking with something like 15/10 the entire time and seeing if you can minimize rest in between those sets saving time overall. Regardless push on this one and you may consider bringing those hands back to your chest to help save your shoulders if needed. A touch wider stance my help as well to keep you from completely burying your hip.

Optional Accessory:

  • Run 20 min at a sustained pace

I know it may not feel much like “accessory work” but the idea of getting comfortable running and not subbing out a row or bike is key to well rounded fitness. See if you can focus on a sustained pace throughout. This doesn’t have to be a max effort but should be challenging.


ACF – August 8, 2019


5 Rounder:
Simple triplet with some lower rep ranges which should keep you moving through this well. Power snatch should be a weight that you can touch and go reps with if you wanted to while you are fresh but it’s not required. Singles may be quicker for many of us. Keep a steady and strong pace on those burpees and push on the bike but be smart. You should be able to get right back into work with the barbell. If you don’t have a bike subbing out a row for the same amount of calories is perfect.

ACF – August 7, 2019


Longer duration and no barbell. Push the pace on the runs and try not to use them as “recovery” for the workout. Consistent and strong pace. Same goes for the other movements. These should generally be happening unbroken and without much break between exercises. Adding in the vest for the Hyper track will be a good challenge!

Optional Accessory:
This is for quality so focus on a good position in regards to a base of support for the HSPU. Head in front of your hands so you can balance is key here. The DU’s should have a goal of unbroken reps if possible but don’t stress if you trip up a bit.

  • For Quality
  • 15-12-9
  • Strict HSPU
  • Double Under x 3
  • Goal: Unbroken Double Unders if possible

ACF – August 6, 2019


Heavy day for the week! Sumo Deadlift is going to target the glutes a bit more so make sure you are good and warm and take the time to load up accordingly with your build up sets. Rest no more than 4 min between all work sets.

Russian Swing:
Accumulate the reps any way you would like. You choose the weight but keep it heavy. KB doesn’t have to go any higher than your chest so work on hinging at the hips and staying back in your heels to work your posterior chain on this one. If you able to do more than a set of 10 try adding weight or doing a double KB swing.

Optional Accessory:

  • 2 Rounds
  • Heavy loaded Barbell carry 100’
  • 15 T2B
  • Notes: Athlete chooses the weight. Rest 2 min between each set.

Some midline work to finish things off.  The T2B are a touch higher rep so it will give you a chance to work on cycling reps together. If you have to do any more than 3 sets to get the work done back off on the reps so you can do this.

ACF – August 5, 2019


Lighter weight and and burner! Cluster weight should be something that you can cycle for reps but you will be breaking this up to keep the heart rate under control. For many of us the muscle up will come down to some fatigue so breaking them up earlier is a good option. See if you can hang onto this from the start and if you fall off try taking each movement back by 2 reps.

Optional Accessory:

Reverse Tabata L-Sit

  • Notes: 8 Rounds of :10 sec of work and :20 sec of rest.

Reverse Tabata Ring Support

  • Notes: 8 Rounds of :10 sec of work and :20 sec of rest.

Some great static work to help build midline and shoulder stability. These are tough movmenets so modifying to a knee tuck or less time on the l-sit or ring support may be needed.

ACF – August 2, 2019


Classic burner! Make sure to get good and warm for the ring dips. Any additional work on top of the warm up is fine as this varies for all of us. Definitely some pacing in this workout to be smart with. Often starting with larger sets and cycling the bar, then going to quick singles if needed can be a good way to keep moving. Same goes for the ring dip but for some of us smaller sets may keep you moving more quickly.

Optional Accessory:

  • Run 2 miles for Time

Optional Sustained Aerobic Work:
Give it your best and choose a loop that you can use consistently in the future. If you can also pay attention to your pacing or mile times that would be ideal.


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