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ACF – September 9, 2019


Straight through this one without looking back. There is a bit of a pacing element here but the box jump over should be steady and strong leading into the FS. If you can have a descending rep scheme for the front squat it can be a big help mentally. (12/10/8) gets you to 30 so something like that is a great way to dig in and focus on the work in small chunks. Go for it on that bike and push the pace to the end. If you need to sub a rower instead of the bike it’s all good.

Jump Rope Challenge:

  • Jump Rope Challenge!!!
  • 10 min Jump Rope

Change things up with any variation you want to but the focus is building stamina and working position on your singles. Alternating feet is going to be the easiest way to keep moving and adjusting your position so you don’t overly fatigue yourself. Relax those shoulders, spring off your toes, and keep your knees slightly bent.

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