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ACF – October 31, 2019


5 Rounder:

This is such a cooker! Classic one we have done in the past but it’s been a while. Much of this is trusting your fitness and recovery so you can go from one movement to the next without much break. Keep a steady pace on the burpee and don’t worry about any standard other than chest/hips/thighs on the floor and some daylight under your feet with hips open. Standard burpee so you can move a bit quicker through them. For today try adjusting the reps to 10 and 10 and keep the heavier loading if you like to meet the goal time domain.
Optional Accessory:

  • **GHD Plate Muscle Snatch (Accumulate 75 reps)
  • Weighted Sit Up 3 x 10-15

Great way to work the shoulders as well as midline. Make sure to use some light plates for this. 2.5 or 5’s at the most. Quite the burn!


ACF – October 30, 2019


4 Rounder: Some more interval work with this cycle and a fun structure with this one. The row shouldn’t take you more than 2 min or just a hair more so adjust the meters if needed. The AMRAP has lower rep schemes so you can keep moving. If you need to modify any of the movements choose a variation that allows you to keep moving and isn’t something that takes long to get set up for. Deadlift is light in the big picture so make sure to bend those knees, use your legs, and save that back.

  • :20sec ea Side Plank+External Rotation


  • 3way Banded Shoulder Stretch


ACF – October 29, 2019


“Kelly” Hitting up a benchmark for the week. This workout is such an awesome test of stamina and conditioning. Breaking things up from the start is a good way to go about it unless this is total wheelhouse. 3 quick sets of 10 or 2 sets of 15 on the wall ball and a steady pace on the box jump if you plan on doing all the reps. Adjust accordingly in order to meet the goal time domain and try to continue to push the pace on the runs and find a strong but steady pace.
Optional Accessory:
Accumulate the following FOR QUALITY

  • 1o Rope Climb
  • 20 Turkish Sit Up/side
  • Notes: Break Reps up in any order you want

This is one set for quality. If you would like to break this up you can but try not to break things into any more than 3 sets. The Turkish sit ups are great for both shoulder stability and midline strength.

ACF – October 24, 2019


Heavy Day!! Power cleans on the min today. Use the percentages as a starting point to get going but adjust as needed so you can climb in weight to find a challenging loading. Adjust the weight as needed and fluctuate the loading to maintain quality mechanics and challenge yourself.

Accessory Movements:
Some meathead work! Play around with the loading and find something that is challenging for the set of 10.

Find a variation of the HSPU that is challenging for you, and if possible something that you haven’t done before. Maintain range of motion no matter what that is and work on the base of support being consistent with each rep. Rest as needed between each set.

ACF – October 23, 2019


4 Rounder:
This has a 4 min on and 3 min off structure. Clock starts and you begin the workout. Once the clock hits 4 min you rest for 3 min. Continue where you left off and keep this structure till you finish 4 rounds of the workout. This makes it more of an interval based workout so push the pace during that 4 min effort. Adjust loading on the hang squat clean as needed but you should be able to complete the reps in no more than 2 sets. Same for the wall ball, push the pace on the rower.

Optional Accessory:

  • Russian Twist 3 x 20
  • Hip Extension 3 x 10 (add weight if needed)

Some midline work to finish things off. Athlete chooses the weight and keep it light to start if you have never loaded up these before.

ACF – October 22, 2019


Shoulder heavy workout so stability is going to be key on the lunges and smooth reps on the snatches. Weight should be something you should be able to move well and efficiently. I would suggest breaking up the CTB early on to save the grip and shoulders a bit as well as keep the HR down. Sub out a single arm DB oh walking lunge if needed so you can keep position in check and lower the ctb pull up reps if needed to meet the goal rounds.

Optional Accessory:

  • EMOM 10 min
  • Min 1: Row 300/250meters
  • Min 2: Rest

Some row sprints to finish things off today if you choose. For those that are confident with rowing this may feel a bit “easy” but for many this is a challenging pace. To hit the 300 meters in 1 min you will need to row roughly a 1:45 pace so this will require a push and some solid recovery. If you start falling off the total meters don’t stress. Just make it a 1 min effort sprint and see how close you can get to 300/250 meters.



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