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ACF – October 4, 2019


Assessment 6:
Love this as a mobility test but you need to keep it legit to get the most out of it. This means not bottoming out at the bottom of the squat, paying attention to torso position, shoulder position, knees, heels, etc. Be honest and test it out.

Assessment 7:
Max Rep HSPU:
Max set planned for today but this should not be at the expense of proper mechanics. This goes for any variation of the movement we plan on doing. Try to have something set up that allows you to have a no less than 5 reps. This could be use of a band, knees or toes on a box, “Z” Press, or strict press, etc. If you have a baseline from the last time we did this in the spring use it today to see how you’ve progressed.

5 Rounder:
Nothing like rounds of “Helen” on the 4 min to push the pace a bit. You should be working to finish each round with :30-:45 sec or more to rest. If you’re a good runner and have some solid conditioning rounds may be closer to 3 min for completion. Try to keep things consistent throughout each interval and adjust the loading and reps as needed in order to get the rest suggested above.

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