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ACF – October 8, 2019


Day 1 of our Squat Development program. Pay close attention to what is limiting you in regards to mobility. Is it joint impingement or tight muscles. There is a difference and the approach will vary.

Heavy Day!! Who doesn’t love some bench press anyway. A bit lower rep scheme with descending weight which means these should all be heavy work sets. Don’t try to set a 5 rep max PR on your first set. See if you can keep weight consistent and increasing as the reps decrease throughout.

Accessory Lifts:
Single leg/arm lifts to finish things off. Superset these and keep the weight so it’s challenging and near, but not to failure on any set. Adjust loading as needed between each set and rest no more than 2-3 min between.

Optional Accessory:

  • For Time:
  • 30 Box Jump Over (24/20)
  • 30/20Cal Bike
  • Goal: Sub 6 min

A short little cookie for you that is a straight up sprint. Push the pace from the start and see if you can hang on for sub 6 min! Sub out a row for the bike with the same amount of calories if needed.

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