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ACF – October 31, 2019


5 Rounder:

This is such a cooker! Classic one we have done in the past but it’s been a while. Much of this is trusting your fitness and recovery so you can go from one movement to the next without much break. Keep a steady pace on the burpee and don’t worry about any standard other than chest/hips/thighs on the floor and some daylight under your feet with hips open. Standard burpee so you can move a bit quicker through them. For today try adjusting the reps to 10 and 10 and keep the heavier loading if you like to meet the goal time domain.
Optional Accessory:

  • **GHD Plate Muscle Snatch (Accumulate 75 reps)
  • Weighted Sit Up 3 x 10-15

Great way to work the shoulders as well as midline. Make sure to use some light plates for this. 2.5 or 5’s at the most. Quite the burn!


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