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ACF – December 23, 2019

Hang Squat Clean/Rope Climb:
This is going to get grippy! We did a variation of this in an AMRAP with much heavier loading about a month ago. This one is all about light weight and quick movement. Loading should be light enough so that you can move confidently and efficiently with the barbell. Working to do any of the work sets in no more than 2-3 sets. Make sure you are taking the time to secure you our foot in the lock of the rope climb.

ACF – December 20, 2019

10 Rounder:
Lower reps which means you should keep a steady pace and cycle through the workout smoothly. The OHS will come from the floor and a squat snatch for the first rep is allowed and suggested. Loading is on the heavier side but is something you should be confident in hitting consistently even under fatigue. Lots of shoulders in this one so make sure you are making good use of your hips on the bar MU and don’t resist the down on the burpee! The goal is to finish this workout within 18min.

4 x 8-10 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder (100/70)
//Rest :90 sec between each set.//

3xs 3-way Shoulder Raise

  • 10-15 Lateral Raise
  • 10-15 45 Degree Raise
  • 10-15 Front Raise

ACF – December 18, 2019

The reverse lunge will come from the rack. Ideally, you will take it from the back since this would allow for heavier loading but be careful and safe first and foremost. Focus on driving your shoulders back to stand just like you would in a front squat.  Make sure to control the downward motion of the lunge.

The DB floor press should be done at a weight that is challenging. Get 12 unbroken but nearing failure.

The recovery ride for 3 min between each set for each exercise is a great way to change things up, stay warm, and help flush your legs out after Monday. This should take no longer than 35min to finish. You will need to make quick work of your transitions to stay on track.

Accessory/ Maintenance
–1-2min ea. Pigeon Stretch
–1-2min ea. Quad Smash

Optional Accessory
Skill EMOM 10 min:
–1 Rope Climb + 3 Wall Walk
//If you want to challenge yourself try doing a legless rope climb.//

ACF – December 17, 2019

Our benchmark for the week with an old one to revisit. This workout has a lot of strategy involved. You will want to start off with a strong but smart pace. You will accumulate reps quickly and the goal will be sticking with that pace. Singles from the start on the clean and jerk will be smart  Doing a few touch and go to get things moving might be smart so long as it does not blow you up on the T2B. Regardless the goal will be having small sets and shorts breaks to keep things moving.

–:45sec Banded Plank
–20 Banded Face Pulls
–20 Straight Arm Pull Down

Some shoulder maintenance and midline work to keep your shoulders healthy.

Optional Accessory
–3 x 100′ Sandbag Bearhug Carry (100/70)


ACF – December 16, 2019

Front Squat/DU:
Great and challenging workout. The front squat should be heavy but something you can get a set of 10 with. The crux of the workout will be how quickly you can get back on the bar after the DU in the higher sets. The bar will come from the floor so this may limit what you are able to clean. No round should be broken into more than two sets. This is a great time for you to work on higher rep double unders. If you don’t have double unders working on quick and efficient singles will be just as effective.

–50-75 Lying Banded Leg Curls
–50-75 Band Good Morning


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