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ACF – March 31, 2020

Workout of the Day:

AMRAP 16 mins:

Work :45 / Rest :15

Min 1: Wall sit (add weight if you want)

Min 2: Reverse Lunge w/ weight

Min 3: Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Min 4: Push-up

* Repeat until 16 minutes are complete


800 meter run or 4:30 min run

2-3 Rounds

10 tempo air squat

10 lunge with a twist

10 Single arm swing

10 inch worm w/push up

ACF – March 30, 2020

Workout of the Day:

For Time:

100 DB/KB odd object Hang Power Clean & Jerk

* Every 20 reps perform 20 Burpees over the object


3 x 10 single leg dumbbell deadlift/side

accumulate 2:00 plank hold


Dynamic warmup

Then: 2 Rounds

30 Jumping Jacks

10 PVC pass thru

10 push press

5 Half Burpee


ACF – March 27, 2020

Workout of the Day:

9:30 & 5:30 livestream



Tricep dip



Laying pec stretch 2 min/side

Lat stretch 2 mins


4 Min jog

20 arm circles forward

20 arm circles backward

20 Cat cow

2 Round

10 KB/DB Swing

10 Scapular Push-ups

10 Thoracic opener/side

10 PVC pass thru





ACF – March 26, 2020

Workout of the Day:


1000 Box step-ups

*wear a weighted vest if you have one (or a weighted backpack)

* work for no more than 40 minutes

* use anything you have as something to step up on


400 meter  or 2:00 run

2 rounds

10 good morning (banded if you have one)

10 leg swings/side

10 bootstrappers


3 way hip stretch


ACF – March 25, 2020

Workout of the Day:

With a running clock
A. On the 0:00…

3 Rounds

20 Jumping Lunges

20 Single arm Hang DB Snatch

B. On the 7:00 min

3 Rounds

20 Jumping Lunges

20 Single Arm DB Power Clean

C. On the 14:00 min

20 Jumping Lunges

20 Single arm DB Push Press

**on all DB movements alternate arms every 5 reps.

Couch/wall stretch 2 mins/side

Hip stretch 2 mins/side


Run/Row or Bike 3 mins

2 Rounds

10 Walking Lunge

10 KB/DB swing

25’ Crab walk forward

25’ Crab walk backward

10 good morning




ACF – March 24, 2020

Workout of the Day: 4:30 Livestream WOD

Beginning Wednesday 3/25 we will be hosting the following Livestream Class times:

9:30 am & 5:30 pm

Please check the blog regularly for any schedule changes or updates.

”Core Blaster”

3 Rounds (not for time, just get them done)

20 Plank Jacks

10 Right side Plank w/ a twist

10 Left side Plank w/ a twist

20 Plank To Pike Jump

Rest 2:00 minutes


3 x 10 glute bridge (add weight if you want)

3 x 10 superman


2 Rounds

8 shuttle run

10 PVC pass thru

8 Push-up

50’ crab walk (or :45 secs)







ACF – March 23, 2020

Workout of the Day:

4:30 Livestream WOD via Zoom

link: ⬇️

12 min. AMRAP

10 Single Arm Thruster, right

10 Single Arm Thruster, left

10 Lateral jump over object/half Burpees

** use a KB, DB, milk jug or any odd object that has some weight to it.

The Livestream workouts on Zoom have been a lot of FUN!! It has been so great to see many of your faces, sharing some good laughs and continuing to motivate and support one another in the process!!
We are looking to add classes to our daily schedule but this requires your help!! As we know that many schedules have changed during these unusual times, it would be helpful to know what morning and evening times would be best for you to attend. Please leave us your time preference in the comments to aide us in creating a daily schedule. Look forward to seeing your faces 😁💪.

Livestream Link

Howdy all!! Yesterday we had a few peeps show us for our Livestream via Zoom and it was so amazing to see those faces, get our sweat on together and share some laughter!! I sincerely hope to see many of you join in this evening. And remember, quality still matters (your coaches are still 👀).  Additional classes to be added beginning Monday. Schedule will be posted on the blog!! Below is the link to be used to go LIVE with your ACF crew 💪.

Feel free to message me with any questions!! There is still equipment available for checkout. Message me to make arrangements if interested!!


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