ACF 12/6/13


You must have worked pretty hard Sharon.


Workout of the Day

Clean & Jerk


***Who is interested in a little rowing competition? Robin competed in 2012 and is doing it again in 2014! Who wants to join? Maybe use this as a little motivation to keep yourself from falling off the deep end during the holiday season…

The Golden State Indoor Rowing Championships

California State University
1901 Hazel Ave.
Sacramento State Aquatic Center
Gold River  California
February 1,2013

Is CrossFit Killing Us?
Want traps with that?


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4 Responses to “ACF 12/6/13”

  1. FireSteve 2013-12-06 at 07:15 #

    Is CrossFit killing us is a good article. It shows how important coaching and of course ego is. First off you need coaches who understand the fundamentals of good technique and teaches and preaches these to his\her athletes. We have good ones when it comes to this. Secondly you have to be able to check your ego. If you hurt rest. If your not comfortable with a movement don’t go heavy until you feel comfortable with your form. I just get tired of hearing how crossfit is bad for us and causes injury. In my opinion crossfit is one of the best ways to get in phenominal overall shape, but gets a bad name due to the 2 things I stated above. Ranting is now over.

  2. kyle 2013-12-06 at 12:19 #

    I totally agree fire steve check the ego. I see a lot of people trying to put on more weight then they are ready for the technique is very important they need to learn it first they will achieve more faster if they do. Lifting days are very important to get comfortable with your lifts.P.S This is a positive statement so keep up the hard work!!

  3. Dan 2013-12-06 at 13:02 #

    Cool, I’m gonna start using the 14lb wall ball (ego – check)

  4. marc 2013-12-06 at 13:57 #

    Is there an 8 pounder? I agree with all that was said above. Had to check my fragile ego along the way. All part of the process and definitely all good. Now I just need to quit my job to get back in the box.

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