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  1. Mary 2013-05-09 at 06:27 #

    Thank you for this video. I’ll save my rant about non-sport Olympic events and just say this video sums up perfectly how I feel about wrestling (and all the grappling sports). Now to go see if I can get my kid to eat eggs instead of cereal so he’ll make weight without spitting.

    • Dan 2013-05-09 at 14:44 #

      That’s because table tennis (aka ping pong) and badminton are so badass.

  2. Tracy 2013-05-09 at 07:26 #

    Had to share this since this has been a topic lately…chalk one up!!!


    A spritz on the wrist. A dab behind the ears. Many men and women spend a lot of time—and money—searching for a signature scent that attracts the opposite sex. Little do they know, these lotions and potions actually mask the natural odors scientists say potential mates find most appealing.

    Karl Grammer and Elizabeth Oberzaucher, researchers who study how the human scent influences sexual attraction, found that when women are ovulating, they produce pheromones called copulins. Copulins have a distinct smell, which Elizabeth describes as “butter gone off.”

    When a man gets a whiff of copulins, his testosterone levels rise. As a result, he secretes androstenone, an odor that repels women who aren’t ovulating.

    Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman says science and evolution plays a larger role in attraction than people might think. “We are capable of discerning 10,000 different scents consciously,” she says. “But then there’s a whole realm of unconscious scents that we’re not even aware that we’re smelling.”

    In one recent study, Dr. Berman says researchers had women smell men’s T-shirts. The women were most attracted to the shirts of men whose major histocompatability complexes (MHC) differed from theirs. MHC is a collection of genes that are related to immune systems. “We unconsciously want to mate with someone who has a different immune system than ours,” Dr. Berman says. “That helps with the survival of our offspring.”

    • Molly 2013-05-09 at 12:22 #

      hence the phrase, “they have good chemistry”.

  3. Jess 2013-05-09 at 19:36 #

    Awesome job 4:30 class . . . we all worked super well together! Deb way to push thru on the mile “run” . . . you did just fine. Never tell yourself otherwise. 🙂

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