12 Responses to “ACF 7/16/13”

  1. Dan 2013-07-16 at 07:13 #

    Thanks for the photo post, Amy, just looked at them! There is some fun shit in there. Everyone looks great. I think Coach has been sneaking some AbRipperX on us.

  2. Sara 2013-07-16 at 08:29 #

    Denise! Amazing!

    • John 2013-07-16 at 13:23 #

      BTW, Denise rocked those obstacles.

  3. dale 2013-07-16 at 09:28 #

    i think coach is doing dan’s ab class. probably going over to Dan’s house secretly now that they live in the trails together.

  4. Dan 2013-07-16 at 09:39 #

    Haha! Hey, BBQ Friday night at the box?? It’s Kyle’s b-day, let’s do it!!

    • John 2013-07-16 at 13:21 #

      I’m in. H-Bomb can bring the tequila.

  5. Tyrell Mara 2013-07-16 at 12:26 #

    Hey guys!

    Wanted to say a quick thank you for featuring my post on Crossfit Rx fallacy on your site today! I hope you and your members enjoyed it!


  6. H-Bomb 2013-07-16 at 13:57 #

    shots anyone?

  7. Kelsey 2013-07-16 at 16:45 #

    Way to go Denise!!! So glad you were feeling better to compete. Looks like you all had a blast in Tahoe!

  8. Lanette 2013-07-16 at 20:20 #

    Random fact of the day: 80% of Americans older than 65 have at least 1 chronic condition; 50% have at least 2.

    Denise is AWESOME!

  9. Denise 2013-07-16 at 20:32 #

    Well guys thanks it was fun because of all the great company barbecue sounds great H-bomb how about a shot with you!!

  10. marc 2013-07-16 at 23:27 #

    Good job Denise! Looks like a ton of fun mudders. Great pics Amy. Good stuff Tyrell. Long night at work, was hoping to be in. BBQ Friday… in.

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