6 Responses to “ACF 7/30/13”

  1. Dan 2013-07-30 at 07:26 #

    I’m considering the K2 35K. I’m thinking someday I’d like to have just one ultra under my belt (hopefully the Way to Cool), so this might be a good next step towards that “goal”. But, then I’m done with the fun runs (except next year’s Blood, Sweat & Beers).

    Congrats to Old Man John on his MU yesterday!

  2. Adam 2013-07-30 at 10:39 #

    JTizzle, 11:45 or bust! the penalty tax stops today…. You got this shit girl!!

  3. kyle 2013-07-30 at 15:24 #

    john nice blog pick that better be a 100 lb log

  4. J.T. 2013-07-30 at 19:53 #

    Adam I am for sure getting 2 before you get 2! You might have cool hair…but I have practice and preparation. 🙂

  5. h-bomb 2013-07-30 at 20:30 #

    Great job coaching today Molly!

  6. molly 2013-07-30 at 21:29 #

    thanks, H-bomb! 153 is yours the next time you try it!

    congrats to Donnie on your muscle up tonight!

    if any of you do not use the lacrosse balls when you come in, please ask one of the coaches how to use them. i call them magic balls for a reason! pre-workout they will help improve your form, and post-workout they will assist recovery. i couldn’t do what i do without them!

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