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  1. FireSteve 2016-04-19 at 09:24 #

    All right the pork should be ready by next week. Bacon is smoking as I type. It will be approximately 400# of bacon, ground , roasts and ribs. I will try to divide it up as evenly as possible to all the people on the list below. I f there is something you dont want let me know. It will be $5.00 per pound and here is the list of people who will be getting it.
    Dan/Sugar 30
    Logan/Megan 50
    Cinn/Billy 40
    Tina 50
    Molly 50
    Kelsey 20
    The Woods 30
    Lisa 20
    Mel 20
    CW 20
    Leslie 20
    Me 50

    If you’ve decided against wanting this let me know so we can find someone to buy your portion. I will let you know what day to have your cooler and money to the gym.

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