ACF – April 19, 2019



A bit of a mash today with some barbell work and a round of “Nate”. The barbell work isn’t something that should feel very heavy and can allow for you to practice cycling the weight. If you need to break this up to keep your heart rate down that’s fine as well. Keep the loading reasonable so you can easily do touch and go if you want to though. For the round of “Nate” this is going to be a pace you have to push a bit here. If you don’t have muscle ups go with a CTB pull up or a jumping option today so you can avoid killing time getting in and out of bands. Same goes for the HSPU. Even a strict press here is a good sub so you don’t have to worry about burning time in transitions. You may take up most of the min here but with the barbell you should have at lest :30 sec to rest before the start of the next min.


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