ACF – April 22, 2019


Front Squat:

Take note of how these reps are performed since they are 1 1/4 reps. Work on keeping position at the bottom of the squat and driving out of the hole with a good front rack position. Adjust loading as needed between each set and rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between each one.

Stiff Leg DL:

Build up with some sets of 3 to work up to your working weight for this. The set of 15 should be near failure but not to failure. Should have a few reps left in the tank if needed..

Close Grip Bench:

Try to keep those hands inside the knurling on the barbell for a true close grip bench. Same rules apply here… each set should be near failure but not to it. Adjust loading as needed on each set to accomplish this but work to keep the weight similar in loading across all sets. Rest no more than 3 min between each set.

Strict Pull Up:

If you cant’ get more than 10 reps here do as many as you can without a band, then add a band to get over 10 reps but not exceed 15 total reps. If you can get 20 reps or more without any assistance try adding some light weight to keep you from doing excess of 20 reps on each set.

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