ACF – April 24, 2019

Goal: Sled shoulde be able to continuously move but just get it done.//
Notes: Wear a vest or pack (20/14)// ##Sled shoulde be able to continuously move but just get it done.

Fast turn around on this one! Barbell is something you should be able to do all of these movements unbroken with but if you just want to take a crack at this and see how you do with the listed loading you are welcome to. The crux of this workout is going to be both pacing as well as the ability to go from the overhead into the front squat. If you can do this and pace out the other movements you could save a good bit of time but it should also bite you in the long run. Regardless, start off with a smooth pace and try to hang onto it as this will jack up your heart rate quickly.

Optional Grunt Work:

Only 2 rounds here and some relatively short distances so adding the vest should work well. If you don’t have a sled try a banded glute march for 1 min as a sub. Farmers carry will take the most time on this one. Be smart with how you break things up and try to keep some longer distances with calculated breaks while going through the workout.

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