ACF – August 13, 2019


Little pyramid scheme here that should keep you moving through the workout with a strong and consistent pace. The DL is on the heavier side but something you should be able to do in no more than 2 sets. Similar with the HSPU, if these are challenging for you choose a rep scheme that don’ts take you more than 3 sets to complete the work. Strong and steady on the other movements and the DB Snatch is something that you should be able to alternate and cycle efficiently.

Optional Accessory: not for time

  • 2 Rounds
  • 10 Strict T2B
  • 100′  Bearhug Carry (100/70)
  • Goal: Rest no more than 2 min beteween rounds

The T2B sets are a good opportunity to work on cycling the reps and seeing if you can keep some time under tension here. Ideally you’re able to finish all sets without breaking more than 3 times. If you need a sub for the sandbag carry try a double KB front rack carry.

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