ACF – August 21, 2019


Possible EMOM???
A change of pace here with all the movements in 1 min! This means you will have to cycle through them quickly and the the loading on the bar should be something that you can clean without hesitation but it is going to be on the heavy side for sure. If you can’t hold onto this pace try taking a min off and restarting. If you fall off again modify the reps to 4,3,1 and lighter weight on the bar if needed.

Optional Accessory:

  • 3 Rounds
  • 20 Russian Swing (88/70)
  • 15-20 GHD Sit Up to Parallel
  • Notes: Rest as needed between rounds.

All about the glutes and midline on this one. Russian swing weight can be adjusted if needed. Ideally you can get all 20 for the set. Be reasonable on the volume with the GHD Sit Up and if you need to sub out an ambat sit up for one or all of the rounds please do. We want to make sure people are easing into things here.

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