ACF – August 27, 2019


Possible EMOM??
Tried to make this a bit more reasonable with the reload week so it’s something that should be challenging and get the heart rate up but not be totally devastating. If anything you may want to take the reps on the push up down a bit but the other movements should be ok. Take note of that burpee WITHOUT the push up. Saving the chest and shoulders here but they can be done quick so will have that element of conditioning.

Optional Gymnastics Skill/Midline:

  • 50 T2B
  • Notes: Each time you break complete 50′ Handstand Walk

Goal should be to not have to break any more than 6 times or so. This means a bit bigger sets on the T2B and some strategy here so you don’t go too small or blow up. Rest a touch longer if needed before jumping back on the bar. If you struggle with the handstand walk try some Scaling options.

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