ACF – August 28, 2019


The wave has this set up so you can get some volume in but also work on getting up into some higher percentages. These should feel “easy” to start with and get progressively challenging but should allow for great consistency in all lifts across the board. If things are feeling “off” today just keep the loading at something you know you can hit.

Optional Accessory:

  • Bike Sprints
  • 3 x 1 min effort
  • Notes: Rest 2 min between efforts

Some bike sprints to finish this off if you like. These are 1 min efforts and should be done all out. You have a 2 min rest between so be a bit smart here. Make sure you have some consistency across the board but a bit of a drop in distance or cals is ok with the next few intervals. You can swap out a run or row if needed.


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