ACF – August 30, 2018

Workout of the Day

15 min

Build Up to a 1 RM Power Clean for the Day

For Time

100 Power Clean (155/135)

Every min do 5 T2B

Goal: Sub 17 min

Workout Notes:

Power Clean:

Find your 1 RM for the day. This means you should’t be stressing about a PR. If you feel good and want to go for one by all means do it. Otherwise find a heavy lift that you have your position dialed in.

For Time:

This is going to bet grippy! Barbell should be loaded with something that you can cycle the weight if you choose. Chances are a mix of cycling the barbell and doing singles is going to be one of the better approaches for the workout, at lest to start. At the top of each min do 5 T2B. If you grip starts to really go here quick singles may be a good option as well. Goal is under 17 min so figure out what rep schemes may work well for you each min to get in your reps. Scale to 75 or even 50 if needed.

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