ACF – August 6, 2019


Heavy day for the week! Sumo Deadlift is going to target the glutes a bit more so make sure you are good and warm and take the time to load up accordingly with your build up sets. Rest no more than 4 min between all work sets.

Russian Swing:
Accumulate the reps any way you would like. You choose the weight but keep it heavy. KB doesn’t have to go any higher than your chest so work on hinging at the hips and staying back in your heels to work your posterior chain on this one. If you able to do more than a set of 10 try adding weight or doing a double KB swing.

Optional Accessory:

  • 2 Rounds
  • Heavy loaded Barbell carry 100’
  • 15 T2B
  • Notes: Athlete chooses the weight. Rest 2 min between each set.

Some midline work to finish things off.  The T2B are a touch higher rep so it will give you a chance to work on cycling reps together. If you have to do any more than 3 sets to get the work done back off on the reps so you can do this.

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