ACF – August 7, 2019


Longer duration and no barbell. Push the pace on the runs and try not to use them as “recovery” for the workout. Consistent and strong pace. Same goes for the other movements. These should generally be happening unbroken and without much break between exercises. Adding in the vest for the Hyper track will be a good challenge!

Optional Accessory:
This is for quality so focus on a good position in regards to a base of support for the HSPU. Head in front of your hands so you can balance is key here. The DU’s should have a goal of unbroken reps if possible but don’t stress if you trip up a bit.

  • For Quality
  • 15-12-9
  • Strict HSPU
  • Double Under x 3
  • Goal: Unbroken Double Unders if possible
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