ACF – August 9, 2019


Benchmark Friday! Hitting up a classic one with “Karen”. If you have done this before take a different approach into how you break things up. Maybe you go bigger sets and see if you can hold onto them longer. Another approach would be sticking with something like 15/10 the entire time and seeing if you can minimize rest in between those sets saving time overall. Regardless push on this one and you may consider bringing those hands back to your chest to help save your shoulders if needed. A touch wider stance my help as well to keep you from completely burying your hip.

Optional Accessory:

  • Run 20 min at a sustained pace

I know it may not feel much like “accessory work” but the idea of getting comfortable running and not subbing out a row or bike is key to well rounded fitness. See if you can focus on a sustained pace throughout. This doesn’t have to be a max effort but should be challenging.


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