ACF – December 14, 2018

Workout of the Day

For Time:


Power Clean (115/95)

Thruster (115/95)

Rest 3 min


Power Clean (135/95)

Thruster (135/95)

Workout Notes:


Each couplet has a 3 min rest between it so do your best to push the pace on each one. Loading will be increasing as reps decrease along the workout. This is going to be a mental grind so focus on exactly where you are in the workout. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself or worry about what you have done but stay in the moment. Slight rest at the top on the thruster may be helpful with pacing and the cleans should be light enough to do touch and go but singles may be in the future with the later rounds. Scale the loading down if needed in order to keep intensity and meet the time domains.

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