ACF – December 17, 2019

Our benchmark for the week with an old one to revisit. This workout has a lot of strategy involved. You will want to start off with a strong but smart pace. You will accumulate reps quickly and the goal will be sticking with that pace. Singles from the start on the clean and jerk will be smart  Doing a few touch and go to get things moving might be smart so long as it does not blow you up on the T2B. Regardless the goal will be having small sets and shorts breaks to keep things moving.

–:45sec Banded Plank
–20 Banded Face Pulls
–20 Straight Arm Pull Down

Some shoulder maintenance and midline work to keep your shoulders healthy.

Optional Accessory
–3 x 100′ Sandbag Bearhug Carry (100/70)


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