ACF – December 18, 2019

The reverse lunge will come from the rack. Ideally, you will take it from the back since this would allow for heavier loading but be careful and safe first and foremost. Focus on driving your shoulders back to stand just like you would in a front squat.  Make sure to control the downward motion of the lunge.

The DB floor press should be done at a weight that is challenging. Get 12 unbroken but nearing failure.

The recovery ride for 3 min between each set for each exercise is a great way to change things up, stay warm, and help flush your legs out after Monday. This should take no longer than 35min to finish. You will need to make quick work of your transitions to stay on track.

Accessory/ Maintenance
–1-2min ea. Pigeon Stretch
–1-2min ea. Quad Smash

Optional Accessory
Skill EMOM 10 min:
–1 Rope Climb + 3 Wall Walk
//If you want to challenge yourself try doing a legless rope climb.//

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