ACF – December 20, 2018

Workout of the Day

For Time:

Row 1000 meters

20 DB Box Step Over (50’s/35’s)

40 Swing (70/53)

Bike 800 meters

20 Strict HSPU

40 KB Deadlift (70’s/53’s)

Run 1 mile

20 Back Squat (185/135)

40 CTB Pull Up

Goal: Sub 30 min

Workout Notes:


Some longer duration work here but with manageable rep schemes. Think of strong pacing from the start but the monostructual pieces should be something that allow you to get right on the other exercises when you finish them. You can take the back squat from the floor or a rack, your choice. Regardless, we want you to be safe in how you are racking the bar to your back so be smart here. Loadings should allow you to be getting a minimum of 10 reps for all the weight lifting movements. Adjust loading if necessary to maintain this stimulus.

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