ACF – December 20, 2019

10 Rounder:
Lower reps which means you should keep a steady pace and cycle through the workout smoothly. The OHS will come from the floor and a squat snatch for the first rep is allowed and suggested. Loading is on the heavier side but is something you should be confident in hitting consistently even under fatigue. Lots of shoulders in this one so make sure you are making good use of your hips on the bar MU and don’t resist the down on the burpee! The goal is to finish this workout within 18min.

4 x 8-10 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder (100/70)
//Rest :90 sec between each set.//

3xs 3-way Shoulder Raise

  • 10-15 Lateral Raise
  • 10-15 45 Degree Raise
  • 10-15 Front Raise
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