ACF – December 21, 2018

Workout of the Day


Clean and Jerk (135/95)


Goal: Goal: Sub 10 min

Hang Power Clean x 3

with the remaining time in a 20 min window find a heavy set of 3 unbroken hang power clean.

Workout Notes:


Small sets of touch and go reps on the clean and jerk or quick singles is going to be the smart call here. If you are strong on the barbell this means you can work to get those thrusters done in 1, no more than 2 sets. For all of us, we should be able to get that first round done in no more than 3 sets with the loading we choose. Work hard to keep your rest between sets minimal and keep consistent movement on that barbell. This should be a fast workout so adjust the loading to some lighter weight but keep the reps the same if needed in order to meet the goal time domain.

Hang Power Clean:

Little tweak to finishing up this workout. Sticking with the retcon first and we still want you shooting for that goal time. Keep the clock rolling till 20 min and with the remaining time you can work to find a max set of 3 on the hang power clean. Take your time between sets and let this be a heavy for the day. Don’t stress on PR’s. It’s good to train this opposite of one another from time to time like today.

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