ACF – DECEMBER 5, 2018

Workout of the Day

Sumo Deadlift


Russian KB Swing

3 x 20

Notes: Rest as needed between sets

Dumbell Floor Press

3 x 15

Notes: Rest as needed between sets

Workout Notes:

Heavy day! We all love em!

Sumo Deadlift is something some of you will prefer and others won’t. Make sure to get in some good warm up sets for these. They tend to load up your glutes more than a traditional deadlift so be expecting that. See if you can keep loading fairly consistent through the sets of 5. Make a jump in the last sets of 3 and focus on keeping that back in check.

Accessory Work:

You can do this as is or super set them with one another. The Russian swings something you can choose the weight with but go heavy. Weight doesn’t have to go any higher than chest level. If you don’t have a heavy enough KB double up and swing 2. Floor press is with dumbbells and will often have you able to lift more weight than usual. Range of motion is less so you get that as an advantage, they can also help you work through some sticking points. Adjust loading on both these exercises as needed.

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