ACF – February 14, 2019


Sumo Deadlift:

These do fire up the glutei quite a bit so make sure you are good and warm from the warm up and any build up/lead in sets for your working sets. Adjust weight as needed on each set since this may be a newer movement for you. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between any set. Rep scheme has little fluctuation in it so don’t be surprised if the sets of 3 aren’t that much heavier than the sets of 5.

Push Press:

Same principles as the Sumo Deadlift but chances are you should have a better idea of what weight to use from previous experience. Adjust as needed and the goal should be no failed sets, but challenging and successful lifts across the board.

Arnold Press:

Adjust the loading as needed for each set but work to keep the loading similar across all sets. They should be to near failure but not too failure.

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