ACF – February 20, 2019

For Quality

10 L-Pull Up
20 Strict Ring Pull Up (knuckles to chest)
30 Strict HSPU or Accumulate 2 min in a Handstand Hold
Goal: Just get it done


Heavy Day! Getting in some Oly work with Hang Squat Cleans:

Barbell shouldn’t go any lower than just above the knee on any one of these reps. The sets of 3 should be done in a row without dropping the barbell so adjust accordingly. This is also a great time to work on foot position and make adjustments rep to rep if needed. Try increasing weight through each set but keep mechanics, position, and speed a priority. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between any work set.

Strict Work:

A bit of a chipper structure today with this piece. For the ring pull up we are looking to build strength for the ring muscle up. Work to lean back a touch and get those knuckles to your sternum. This is a deep pull so for some of us it may be more like collar bone height. Regardless of where you are we want you working to have the deepest pull that you can and working to keep those knuckles facing one another in the pull. Strict HSPU has quite a few reps so make sure you are able to control these reps. Breaking things up into small sets is a great option. Although it says “just get it done” be reasonable with the HSPU reps and if you need to back off the reps that’s fine. This training piece isn’t intended to be a beatdown so don’t turn it into that.



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