ACF – February 25, 2019


Heavy Day! Push Press on deck today with 5 sets of 3. Get good and warm with some build up sets here and make it a goal to have no failed reps on the work sets. Rest 3-4 min between each set and adjust weight accordingly. They can fluctuate as needed in order to meet the goals listed above.


Getting in some higher rep work based off of your percentages today. See if you can stick with the barbell the entire min and not re rack it or drop it. If you do, no stress but see if you can dig in here.

Muscle Up:

This can be a time to work on capacity or develop the skill and strength behind the movement. You choose. Kipping, strict, etc. Either way you shouldn’t be getting more than 7 in a row and if you are, add weight. Otherwise try a banded or low ring option for today.


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