ACF – February 27, 2019




Another fun one with a bit different structure in regards to the DU penalty. Barbell should be loaded to something that you use with the workout “Isabelle” if you are doing it in 3 min or less. Each one of the barbell movements will have you breaking things up a bit but most likely much less on the push jerk than the snatch. Try knocking out a set of higher reps to start here and going to quick singles as needed to get to the 20. Similar with the gymnastics work. Some may be able to hold some bigger sets, others more broken up. Do what works for you so that you can avoid muscular failure. Small sets and short rests to keep moving is the key. If you break on the DU you have a 1 thruster penalty, but start where you left off on the doubles. Once you finish the first round stop at the 50 mark and reset for another set of unbroken reps. If you don’t have doubles don’t stress. Just sub out singles for the day. Adjust loading and reps as needed in order to meet the goal rounds.

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