ACF – January 11, 2019

Workout of the Day

10 Rounds

AMRAP 1 miun

7 Strict HSPU

max rep Squat Clean (135/95) with remaining time

Notes: Rest 1 min between rounds

Workout Notes:


This is an interval based workout so don’t be afraid to push the pace here. Your score is the total number of squat cleans you get from each round. This is a weight that you should be able to do touch and go reps with but as you fatigue doing quick singles may be the best option. I would suggest trying to start each round with a set of 3 or so touch and go then going to singles as needed. The HSPU is going to add up on this on for sure. They shouldn’t take you any longer than roughly :20-25 sec even in the later rounds. If you need to break them up that’s fine, but make sure you are still getting on the bar with about :40 sec to work there. Lower the weight or use a box/band for the HSPU if necessary for today.

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