ACF – January 22, 2018

Workout of the Day:

Front Squat


Glute Bridge

2 x 15-20


Strict T2B

3 x 8-12

Workout Notes:

Heavy front squats! A largely varied rep scheme for today but I find these super helpful for dialing in position on the higher volume sets that we can apply to the singles. Try choosing a weight that you think you will be able to keep for all of the sets of “1” and stick with it. Maybe even a slight increase but it should be tough to hold onto. On the larger sets you should see weight vary more and increase as you go up. The goal is to have challenging sets but ideally no failed reps. Adjust loading accordingly and rest no more than 4 min between each set.

Glute Bridge:

2 sets of 15-20 here so you can adjust the loading as necessary. They should be done unbroken and if you find it easier to wrap the bar with some kind of pad go right ahead. Loading these up can get pretty uncomfortable otherwise.

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