ACF – July 11, 2019


Back Squat:
See how you feel today but all sets should be challenging. Adjust loading as necessary and if you need to try to keep the weights the same across the sets of 5 and a small bump up on the set of 3. Otherwise see if you can increase weight on the bar but keep all sets successful.

Accessory Lifts:
Superset back and forth with the movements and take the listed rest between. If the Hip Ext feels good feel free to add some weight to this. Adjust loading on the box step up as necessary and if you want to change up the way you are holding the weight feel free.

Optional Accessory:
Sprints:  10 x 100 meter sprints

rest 1 Min between efforts

PLEASE, get good and warm for this. Lots of hamstring work to warm up with mobility and slowly increasing speed on the 100 meter sprints. If you don’t take the time to do this you can run into issues with pulling a hamstring. These should each be max effort!

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