ACF – July 16, 2019


Heavy day! Snatches and Clean and Jerks in the form of an EMOM. Make sure to start with a light and reasonable weight so you can climb throughout the 10 min. This is a great way to build confidence and work technique with lower weights so you can apply it later in the EMOM. Take a moment to drill the snatch before starting the next EMOM and apply the same principles. Goal should be no failed lifts.

Optional Accessory:

4 Rounds on the 2 min

Dumbbell “D.T.” (55’s/35’s)
12 Deadlift/9 Hang Power Clean/6 Push Jerk

Lighter weight and on the 2 min with this set up so you shouldn’t be too stressed about this being a nasty metcon. If you want to turn it into something with more of that feel you can make it a “sprint” and interval type workout where you really push the pace. Otherwise enjoy the meathead aspect of it!

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