ACF – July 18, 2019


Optional Workout:
Push on the run sine it’s shorter distance but make sure you can get right on the barbell. This is going to be a quick one with heavier loading so breaking things up is key if needed. Especially with the coupling of the pull from the dead into the muscle up and the press from the ring dip into the push jerk. If possible take the barbell from the floor for the push jerk. Loading should allow you to complete all barbell movements in no more than 3 sets and the same should apply when breaking up the muscle ups. Adjust as needed to meet the goal time domain.

Optional Accessory:

20 min Bike or Run for Distance

Simple and effective. We often like to skip the running element so get out there and get it done if possible. Avoid subbing out the bike unless weather doesn’t permit it or you have an injury you need to work around.

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